Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chloramine in Vermont

Here are links to the news articles resulting from the meeting between Vermont citizens suffering health effects from chloramine and 7 representatives from CDC and EPA. 7 Chittenden County legislators attended and listened to a dozen citizens from throughout the Champlain Water District service area describe what they have experienced in the last year and a half, since chloramine was introduced into their water. If you think you are having health effects because of the water, now is a good time to speak up.

Vermont Public Radio
CDC officials hear complaints about chloramine

Is your water making you sick? Some people think so...

Water District Says Water is Safe, Some Residents Disagree

Burlington Free Press
CDC hears chloramine complaints


JayV said...

I'm sorry I missed the public forum. I really don't want the City of Burlington to add chloramine to our water!

VCE, Annette Smith, Executive Director said...

It wasn't really a public forum. CDC requested what appeared to be a private meeting with VCE and PCAC (People Concerned about Chloramine) and specifically did not want to hear from citizens who are affected by chloramine. They also set up a separate meeting with legislators. We asked legislators to come to our meeting, and put on a 30-minute presentation of people who described what happened to them since the introduction of chloramine. While the meeting was illuminating, it was unsatisfactory because nobody is taking responsibility for the problem or taking any clear action to address it.