Friday, October 19, 2007

Behind the Pretty Picture

Fall foliage season is winding down. Behind the pretty pictures are numerous examples of citizens who are facing environmental problems in their communities and turn to VCE for help.

VCE is currently working with citizens in Clarendon, East Middlebury, Randolph and Bethel on expansions of gravel pits or quarries. We are working on water issues with citizens in Randolph, Montpelier, Dorset, and citizens served by the Champlain Water District where we are at the forefront nationally in helping the public deal with the health problems created by the use of chloramine as a municipal water system disinfectant.

With our new web site that better reflects the work we are doing, and this blog which invites your interaction, we hope you will appreciate the work VCE is doing and support us with your contributions. Thank you for being a part of this effective voice for the people of Vermont for more than eight years.

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